LOCATION: South Africa

This blog is a special set-up for all of my friends who wish to keep in contact with me while I am in South Africa. I will try my best to post as many pictures as possible and I will post journal entries as often as possible. It will be an inside scoop on how my experience is going in Cape Town, in real time, for the next 6 weeks.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

some hilarious quotes from South Africa:

"My motor skills are down."
- My roommate, the morning RIGHT before she goes shark diving in the Atlantic Ocean.

"No, no, no. Only one death defying event per Africa trip."
- My roommate, as she turns down an offer to take a 3 hour hike up Table Mountain (http://www.southafrica-travel.net/westcape/cato_06.htm)

Old woman (in a nice voice) - "how do you like our weather?"
Me - "The weather seems very nice here."
Same Old woman (in a crackly, wizard of oz voice)- "The winds and the rains are coming very soon, I don't know where they are right now, but they are coming."


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