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This blog is a special set-up for all of my friends who wish to keep in contact with me while I am in South Africa. I will try my best to post as many pictures as possible and I will post journal entries as often as possible. It will be an inside scoop on how my experience is going in Cape Town, in real time, for the next 6 weeks.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The First Day of Work

Things are going good here. The job was very interesting. I actually work for this woman who owns her own firm. She is probably about 40 yrs old and has a immigration law firm that deals with business from other countries who want to invest in South Africa. She is sooo much fun. She loves to party and we have a beach retreat that we are attending with all of her staff. But on our first day they welcomed us with wine and a toast. It will be a lot of work though since I have the 3 classes and the internship where she gave me a project to complete by July 16th. I have to write a proposal for how to deal with a medical malpractice case in a Cape Town Hospital. I have to find relevant case law and statutes and she wants us to relate it to the SA constitution. I think it will be interesting and fairly simple. Ok well I need to run, I am heading to my next class of the day.


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