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This blog is a special set-up for all of my friends who wish to keep in contact with me while I am in South Africa. I will try my best to post as many pictures as possible and I will post journal entries as often as possible. It will be an inside scoop on how my experience is going in Cape Town, in real time, for the next 6 weeks.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Thanks for Your Support

So it seems that everything is going along pretty well. I thank God for the support from my family and church family and friends. They are truly a blessing as I know can actually afford to go to Africa. Faith is an amazing thing that fuels seemingly impossible missions all around the world. God is GOOD! We managed to sell 36 dinners and that was certainly a great effort from my entire family. I still haven't packed but I will start that effort very soon, since take-off is in ONE WEEK! Continue to pray for me. I send my love to everyone who has suported me. Thanks again sincerely...


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